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KA-1212B brake/suppressor for .860" diameter barrel (Mossberg 500, Maverick, others)

Part Number KA-1212B
KA-1212B brake/suppressor for .860" diameter barrel (Mossberg 500, Maverick, others)
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KA-1212B brake/suppressor for Mossberg, others (.860")

The KA-1212 was the original brake/suppressor developed by King Armory. Starting with a blank paper, we set out to do what no one else had done before, making an effective brake/suppressor for a 12ga shotgun. Considering that shotguns kick hard and have massive muzzleflash with HD loads, the benefit of having something that reduced recoil and flash on a shotgun was obvious. The KA-1212 went through 11 prototype revisions and 12,000 rounds fired during testing to create today's production version.  The KA-1212 takes the already useful shotgun and makes it perform even better, especially in low-light environments.

The KA-1212 offers several innovations which makes it the best shotgun brake/ suppressor attachment on the market today: 
  • Excellent flash suppression for maintaining low-light vision
  • Recoil reduction for quicker follow-up shots 
  • "6/45" port arrangement to keep sight picture clear of smoke/blast 
  • Compatible with all ammunition, including "less lethal" rounds 
  • Much tighter patterns for more pellets on target 
  • Special hydraulically-formed alloy is springy, less prone to breakage
  • Mounts on exterior of muzzle rather than fragile choke tube 
  • Weight: 120 grams (apx) 
  • Overall length: 2.750" 
  • Added length to barrel: 2.000" 
  • Width: 1.123" 
  • Finish: MIL-STD171 maganese-phosphate parkerizing 
  • Material: Special carbon-steel alloy 
  • Hardness: N/A 
  • Introduced: 2006 
  • Current generation: 2nd 
  • Failure/defect rate: 0.00%


Some gunsmithing required, these are silver-soldered to the barrel (much like the barrel lug, sights, etc are attached).  For detailed instructions, you can download a copy of the installation instructions here KA-1212 PDF
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