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Review of Domingo's Upholstery here in Casa Grande

Posted by KJ on 11/18/2014 to Product reviews

Big thumbs down for this flunky, I try to support local businesses, but this time it cost me big time. On a recommendation, I took my truck seats over to Domingo's Upholstery and Foam here in Casa Grande to get them reupholstered. This isn't a show truck and I was getting the seats redone to the factory mid-1980's crappy General Motors style, complete with tweed and vinyl....easy enough right???? WRONG! After FIVE months of waiting and $900 out of pocket, I went to pick up my seats to see this......

Something about trim/fabric on one side of the seat being 2" lower than the other side that just doesn't seem correct, but what do I know, I'm just a customer.  There was also a 1" wide bright white zipper along the side to replace the original seamed black zipper.....Domingo said that black zippers aren't made anymore....yup, that's what he said.  Told him it was not going to work so he fixed the seat misalignment and replaced the white zipper with Velcro......which doesn't stay closed when the seat gets folded down....brilliant move by the chimpanzee that couldn't find a black zipper anywhere.  A quick search on Google shows a few thousand different black upholstery zippers available, apparently Domingo hasn't heard of "Google" or the internet for that matter.

Then there is stuff like this.....who needs a hem when you can just leave a tattered edge?  I'm sure woven tweed won't unravel or fall apart.....right?

....and this.....

...and this....

....and this....

.....and this.....

....and glue....who needs glue?  Apparently not Domingo.....

And then there was the new spare tire cover I had him make to replace the tattered original one.  Rather than using a new piece of elastic on the flaps, he used the torn/shredded 30 year old piece off the old cover.  When I sent it back to be fixed, he replaced it with bungee cord....yup, bungee cord.....<shakes head>

So $900 and 5 months later I am having to take the seats to ANOTHER shop to be done right and will likely end up having to take Domingo to court to pay for it.  If you value your time, money, and vehicle, please avoid Domingo's Upholstery and Foam in Casa Grande AZ at all costs.  I'm not an upholsterer and I could have done a better job than this no-talent ripoff artist.  If you'd like a crappy job and poor quality control, give them a call at (520) 350-0263

UPDATE: 10/02/15

After going to court, the judge ruled clearly in my favor.  No payment or arrangements were made by Domingo, who instead opted to "talk shit" in the hallway after the court hearing.

UPDATE: 12/30/15

Three more months have gone by and this deadbeat still has done nothing to resolve this.

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Dan Rausch Date 8/19/2016
Just had pickup and golf cart both reupholstered by Domingos and am very satisfied with workmanship and price. I would highly recommend them to anyone
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