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The interesting overlap of "Fast & Furious" and the Zimmerman case

Posted by KJ on 7/21/2013 to Politics and news
     After over a year of media manipulation and blatant race-baiting by Obama, Holder, Sharpton, Jackson, and many other prominent "mouthpieces" of the black community, the state of Florida finally ended their case in the shooting of Trayvon Martin and found George Zimmerman NOT guilty of murder. Not only was he found not guilty of murder, he was found not guilty of manslaughter, an option that foul pig Judge Debra Nelson added to the equation as well. In light of all this, he was still found not guilty. 

     While all the armchair lawyers and low-information idiots out there start screeching and claiming injustice (all while threatening to riot of course), lets step back a bit and look at the big picture. It doesn't take much intelligence to realize that the media might have skewed the details a bit in order to keep selling the story (after all, that is what the news does nowadays....sell stories and airtime).

     In addition to the "sensational" story and airtime, this case was also used and manipulated to cover a real story and an unforgivable crime that had been committed by the very same people who were prosecuting Zimmerman.  This real story would have made Watergate look like a mild faux pas in comparison, and would have landed Obama, Holder, Clinton, Napolitano, and several other politicians in jail for years if not life, yet most Americans didn't even hear about it because of drummed up hype over an aspiring thug named Trayvon who got shot in FL.     
     First, the police that responded to the case chose NOT to press charges against a man who just shot somebody. When you shoot someone and the police don't haul you in, there's a pretty good chance that the evidence at the scene was pretty damn conclusive that it was a justifiable homicide. The authorities looked into it further and announced on March 12th 2012 that they were not going to pursue charges because the evidence (EVIDENCE, not news stories or opinion) was consistent with Zimmerman's claim of self-defense. 

     Not content to "let a good crisis go to waste", the DOJ launches a civil rights "investigation" a week later. The DOJ is headed by Eric Holder who was, at the time, avoiding Congressional prosecution for his agency's involvement in illegally providing 2000+ guns to criminal and cartel members in the state of AZ and thousands more weapons in TX, CA, FL, and elsewhere. Considering he was looking at jail time for the illegal activities that the DOJ and BATF were involved in, wouldn't a good old-fashioned distraction be really, really handy about now? Well, the Zimmerman case would be an opportunity to distract the public with the ever-cited "racism" bogeyman that this administration has used ad-nauseum any time its encountered opposition or prosecution.
     A few days later, the president (I don't capitalize the "p" because he hasn't earned my respect) drops everything he's doing to put himself into the middle of this small case with his infamously retarded "If I had a son he'd look like Trayvon" speech. Funny how the country was in the midst of a massive recession, inquiries into its corruption were growing, and Obama himself was being indicated as involved in "Fast & Furious" which resulted in the deaths of hundreds of Mexican nationals, two federal agents (see: Brian Terry), and untold numbers of AZ residents who were victimized with those gov't-purchased and/or gov't smuggled weapons, yet he had time to interject on some small Florida case that had already been dismissed. 

     On April 11 2012, another foul pig, Special Prosecutor Angela Corey "decided" to press state charges against Zimmerman despite the state having declined to charge him previously. Anyone care to wager whether the DOJ made a call to someone for that one? Seems kinda odd how the state suddenly regained interest in a case that the evidence had shown as justifiable in the first place.  

     In an attempt to skew opinion and drum up some hype, they set Zimmerman's bail at 150,000 dollars over speculation on an incident that the police had already chosen not to seek charges on.  Zimmerman was released on bail on April 22nd.

     On May 3rd, Congressman Issa and others were pushing to hold DOJ AG Eric Holder in contempt of Congress for failing to comply with the investigation and provide subpoenaed evidence.  At a temporary lull in the Trayvon case, this was a dangerous thing to have happening as media coverage could start shedding light on the gov't-ran gunrunning program.

     On May 17th, photographs of Zimmerman's injuries were released/leaked which got the public in an uproar, with each side screaming their opinions over this case, even though they had seen almost NO evidence and couldn't tell you where Sanford FL was.  The media provided 24/7 coverage and snippets about every stupid occurrence in this story and the fat, lazy American public feverishly licked it up like a kitten with a dish of milk.
     On June 20th, president Obama claimed "executive privilege" (which would require his involvement in whatever was being prosecuted) in order to save Holder from further testifying about Fast & Furious.  The media largely ignored this damning event, but there was enough public outcry that this was on the verge of being problematic.  Later that day, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee voted to hold DOJ head Eric Holder in contempt.....and it passed.

     On June 28th, DOJ AG Eric Holder was found in contempt of Congress by a vote of 255-67.  They later voted to hold him in civil contempt as well which will allow him and the DOJ to be taken to court on this issue, it passed by a vote of 258-95.  Funny how the media largely ignored how the highest law enforcement official in the country was found in contempt of Congress and was neither removed from office nor incarcerated.  However, the public outcry of corruption was raising its ugly head again, something had to be done.

     Like the devil's clock, on July 5th, Judge Lester revoked Zimmerman's bond and upped the bail amount to ONE MILLION dollars (8th Amendment anyone?).  Zimmerman managed to make bond and was released the following day.  Media coverage goes back to inconsequential opinion fluff-pieces designed to sell airtime, distract the public, and poison the potential jury pool.

     On July 9th, the details of five Mexican nationals being indicted in the Brian Terry murder were made public.  Public outcry grows as "Fast & Furious", the death of BPA Terry, and the government's avoidance of responsibility is further aggravated with the growing concern about border security (or complete lack thereof).  Something has to be done to distract the mouth-breathers across the country.

     Later in July, the media interviews Zimmerman and starts chatter about this-and-that regarding the interview and the long-running case.  Any discussion about "F&F" or gov't corruption disappear into the background.

     On July 20th there was a shooting at a theater in Aurora CO (that prohibited firearms on the premises BTW).  The gov't and the media attempt to drum up a psychotic hype about this incident and try to fan the flames of gun control in order to further distract the public from what this administration was doing.  Public outcry was short-lived due to quick opposition on the matter by the 2A community and due to all but one of the fatalities being adults which just doesn't quite get the moonbats out in force.

     On Sept 11th the US Consulate in Benghazi is attacked over the course of SEVEN HOURS and no gov't assistance was provided resulting in the deaths of Ambassador Stevens and three other brave men.  Over the following months there is much public outcry over this, one thing Americans despise is people being left to die, especially by their own gov't.  Investigations into the ineptitude of this administration start pointing to the same jackasses again, Obama, Holder, Clinton, Napolitano, and their associates.

Then on Dec 14th, they got their new sensational story and potential distraction....the Sandy Hook shooting in CT.  Immediately the administration and the "usual suspects" all start screaming again for "gun control", bans, and "common sense gun laws" (since we don't already have plenty of each).  The media (avid enemies of the 2nd Amendment) jump on this story and provide 24/7 coverage of this (while there's a lull in the Trayvon case at least) and likewise warble about "gun violence" and our need for new restrictions on our freedoms for the sake of "security" (which is ironic since security was the reason most of us bought the guns in the first place).  This time it gets traction because most of the victims were young children, and that helps the media sell a sensational story where they can focus on opinion/emotions instead of facts/evidence.
     The pro-2A community reacts violently to this prospect of gun control and immediately buy more guns, ammo, magazines, and components than the entire US and foreign countries can produce for months (eight months and its still going).

     The general public continues to have their head in the sand and forget about "F&F", Holder's Congressional hearings, and even Benghazi, those are issues that require a modicum of education and intelligence to grasp, they'd rather hear more about Trayvon, the gov't and media obliges.

    The media had pretty well poisoned the jury pool with their opinion pieces, yet a jury pool was put together.

     The president and Eric Holder had pretty well poisoned the jury pool with their statements, yet a jury pool was put together.

    Both the prosecution and defense were involved in the jury choices, ending up with 6 women.

    When the trial is looking like Zimmerman might get cleared of charges, the state prosecutors and judge add the manslaughter option hoping to get at least that charge to stick, they failed.
    Zimmerman is found not guilty by a jury of six women, people who probably have kids of their own and would be more sympathetic to the prosecution than they would of the defendant.  Once again, the evidence that caused the police to not file charges against him in the first place has convinced a jury to dismiss the charges against him.

     Not content to accept the decision of people who were selected to be on the jury and got to see the actual evidence rather than deliberately augmented stories on the TV, the black community at large and the Trayvon sympathists scream for "real justice" and threaten (and commit) violence against the public.  Seeing an opportunity to milk this case for a little more mileage, Obama and Holder further incite the rage in the public and promise to launch yet another investigation and trial again Zimmerman, which would be the SECOND time the DOJ has tried to prosecute him and the THIRD time he's been accused (5th Amendment anyone?).

    So now that the administration has been caught spying on the media, spying on the American public, using the IRS as a goon squad, and has yet to account for its previous travesties, they're going to be the "voice of authority" on getting "true justice" on a STATE court case (6th and 10th Amendment anyone?).  How is this even logical?  We have a president who has been pushing for his "legal right" to kill Americans without a warrant or court case (or even posing a legitimate threat).  We have a DOJ head who not only has investigated and pushed for charges against Zimmerman before, but has also been found in contempt for not complying with a Congressional investigation and is directly involved in a gun smuggling operation that has killed hundreds, if not thousands.  Which one of these federal jackasses has any credibility to even open their mouths about this case?

    Stop letting the damn television, the corrupt politicians, and the shady salesmen journalists determine your opinions for you, look at the big picture and come up with your own opinions based on facts, otherwise you end up being led around by a leash like a loyal little lapdog.  The key to magic tricks is to get the audience to watch the hand that isn't doing the actual trick, the same applies to politics.  If we're going to drag someone back to court again, how about we start with Obama and Holder and get some answers about "F&F", Benghazi, the IRS thuggery, or the NSA spying program (which they just renewed BTW)?

     Wake up America, turn the damn TV off and notice the chains that are being put on you.
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