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Shooting in Aurora take on it

Posted by KJ on 7/30/2012 to Politics and news

On July 20th a nutjob by the name of James Holmes walked into a movie theater in Aurora CO, deployed smoke bombs, and opened fire on the crowd with several different firearms, killing 12 and injuring 58......

So what could have been done to prevent this from happening........absolutely nothing.  There is this misguided notion in the heads of leftist folks that makes them think that gov't can regulate away anything that scares or offends them, this simply is not the case.  In addition to the volumes of federal laws that regulate firearms and crime, the city of Aurora also had its own regulations in place:

"Sec. 94-154. - Firearms prohibited in or upon public facilities.

(a)The carrying of firearms in or upon public facilities is unlawful when said facilities are posted with notification that the carrying of firearms is prohibited.

Sec. 94-152. - Firearms on private property.

(a)It shall be unlawful for any person, carrying a firearm, to enter or remain upon any private property of another or any building or property of a commercial establishment when such property, building, or establishment is posted with notification that the carrying of firearms is prohibited.

Sec. 94-146. - Discharge within city prohibited; exceptions; range rules.

(a)It shall be unlawful for any person to fire, shoot, or discharge any firearm; crossbow; bow and arrow; slingshot; blowgun; BB gun or pellet gun, whether powered with gunpowder, compressed air, or gas cartridges; gas gun; or any weapon whatsoever within the city limits. However, such discharge, firing, or shooting by any law enforcement officer, federal, state, county, or city, in the course of his or her official duty shall not be deemed a violation of this subsection, and such discharge, firing, or shooting at commercial, private, or public shooting ranges or by authorized classes of schools or universities at all times under proper instruction and supervision as may be authorized or permitted by law shall not be deemed a violation of this subsection. "


So in addition to committing murder, assault, and other miscellaneous crimes, the perpetrator also broke several city/state ordnances without concern.  If someone is willing to break laws without remorse, what good is more laws going to do?  It seems to me that the only people that followed the laws were the victims in the theater and they reaped the rewards of gov't-mandated restrictions on firearms and the right to carry them for self-defense.
At this point I think it would be beneficial to consolidate a few details about shooting incidents like this:

-The shooters are usually batshit crazy

-The shooters have usually had recent encounters with mental health professionals or law enforcement

-The shooters carefully select a place where they are least likely to encounter resistance

In all of these cases, there is nothing that gun regulation would prevent, but as we have seen in the case of this shooting in Aurora, gun regulation does offer the shooter a lot more places where they will be unchallenged in their rampage.

The leftist politicians are of course clamoring for more gun control, even though it is PROVEN to do nothing to reduce why push for it?  Because people who can defend themselves, feed themselves, and take care of themselves have little need for gov't and are less likely to submit to gov't authority and taxation.  These same traitors in gov't would rather sacrifice innocent people to the whims of lunatics rather than lose an iota of control over the public.  Not exactly living up to the title of "public servant" are they?  Why don't you see people go on shooting rampages at gun ranges, police stations, or other places where the public exercises their right to bear arms?  The assailants pick the place, bring a physical/tactical advantage (weapon, bomb, etc), maintain control of the situation, then surrender or commit suicide when killing people loses its novelty.  If potential victims can defend themselves then it prevents the assailant from being able to control the situation or chose when they stop killing.  These nutjobs are, at their most basic nature, typical control freaks.

Even in "gun heaven" Arizona we had a shooting like this, with Jared Lee Loughner shooting Gabrielle Giffords and others at a Democrat public function in Tucson AZ.  Why do I mention "Democrat" and "Tucson"?  "Democrat" because this same party that is so rabidly anti-gun also bought into their own BS enough that they themselves didn't have a handgun despite being in a state that has some of the least restrictive gun laws in the country.  "Tucson" because it is a mecca for illegal aliens, ultra-liberals from CA, and other fringe types.  This is the same city that was the headquarters for the "Baja Arizona" movement that sought to make southern AZ its own state freed from the "extremists in Phoenix" (the kind of people that carry a gun responsibly to deter public shootings apparently).

This Loughner nutjob went to an event where the people were generally opposed to guns (and very unlikely to have any) in a city that is generally very liberal and anti-gun as well.  That isn't lunacy, that is careful calculation.  The nearest person that had a firearm was at the Walgreens ACROSS THE STREET, what more could a homicidal nutjob ask for?

Lets face it folks, shit is going to happen, it will continue to happen regardless of laws.  Lets not let the media hype distract us from the blatant gun grab that many of the "usual suspects" such as Lautenberg and McCarthy are trying to sneak through using this tragedy for political gain.  Tell your Congressional reps "hell no" in regards to any of the gun restrictions they try to pass and if they do pass it, then follow the good old-fashioned American concept of "I WILL NOT COMPLY".  Tell the gov't that enough is enough, gun laws simply don't work, the only thing that deters homicidal maniacs is someone using force to counter them and break their control of the situation.  More freedom and more personal responsibility for your own safety, that is the key to stopping gun violence.

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