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Review of the Padilla Corojo Edicion Especial 2006

Posted by KJ on 8/20/2012 to Cigars, beer, culture

I got a box of these in from Cigars International as a "daily smoke" (not that I smoke cigars everyday, but you get my point).  As the supply of Padilla Achilles is getting scarce, CI sent me these Corojos instead.  These seemed like a well-made cigar, but had a hint of green when smelled so I set them in the humidor awhile to let them smooth out a bit.  Over the past few weeks I've been having one of these occasionally to see how they've been progressing.  Overall, this has been a surprisingly good stick.  It has a very mild flavor yet is very complex.  It has a slight nutty note and hints of pepper and cedar with a little greeness peeking through as well.  Although the wrapper is corojo, it has slight notes similar to that of claro wrappers, which was really odd yet pleasant.

     The filler is moderate in density yet the press seems a little uneven.  When initially lighting it takes a few minutes to develop an steady and even burn, with slight uneveness ocassionally but nothing requiring a touch-up.  The cigar is a good smoke, best taken slowly to ensure a cool burn.  The tobacco is Nicaraguan, but lacked the strong notes and spice typical of leaf from that country.  I would have guessed it to be Honduran in origin by the flavor.

     These cigars are a very good value, but not as good as the Pepinesque "Achilles" torpedoes that I was ordering in.  Great daily smoke and excellently priced, but not as good as most of the Padilla line.  Lots of cigar critics have given this one high marks, but I was only moderately impressed.  I guess those of us who have to buy the cigars we critique are a little harder to impress.  Good smoke for the money and will definitely be in the humidor here as long as they are available, but overall it is a moderately good cigar IMO.

 Pricing: (10/10) With a per stick price of about $2.50 from CI, its an excellent value, tough to find good cigars at a "daily smoke" price.

 Flavor: (7.5/10) As stated earlier, it had subtle notes that were great, but overall the smoke was a little tart and unfulfilling.

 Construction: (8.0/10) Well rolled, the wrapper is pretty smooth with no pronounced veins or oily texture.  As stated earlier, the filler is a little uneven and can cause a slighly uneven burn at times.

 "Wheelchair Weed" Factor: (6.0/10) Considering that Padilla normally rolls a pretty mean stick, this one is pretty tame.  I'm not Winston Churchill, but I could smoke these all day and not be any worse for wear.

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