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Review of Strongbow Cider

Posted by KJ on 10/10/2012 to Cigars, beer, culture

As a long-time fan of hard ciders, this one is pretty easy review.  This isn't a "beer guy" trying something different, this is a review coming from a "beer guy" who also is a seasoned "cider guy" (and "scotch guy" for that matter).

     Strongbow is a cider that has been around for years but is finally getting some traction here in the US.  One of the few truly good things made in England, a country not really known for flavor or cuisine, this beverage really hits the spot.  This is definitely a cold-weather beverage, having a bit more sugars than your average lager it can seem a bit "heavy" in warm weather.  Usually around Thanksgiving I cut back on the lagers and pale ales and switch to ciders and stout beers which tend to go down better in cold weather and keep your belly warm.

     This cider fills a nice void between Woodpecker English Cider which tends to be a little "watered down" and bland, and Woodchuck Vermont Cider which tends to be a little "syrupy" and overly sweet.  The flavor is crisp and semi-dry but doesn't tend to be overpowering in any particular aspect.  Like most other canned beverages, this should be served cold and in a glass, not consumed directly from the can.  Not too acidic, not too sweet, this goes down smooth and doesn't leave you with "sweetbelly" after a few pints.  Strongbow is becoming more easy to find, with most finer stores having it on the shelves lately.  Even our local "Frys" grocery stores in AZ are carrying it now.  Some pubs even have in on tap, which is a real treat.  Even after a few quarts, this is still surprisingly easy on the stomach.

     In my opinion, this is best served in a cold quart mug and is a perfect compliment to pizza, steak, or anything else not terribly greasy or spicy.

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