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Review of Gurkha Triple Ligero (6.1"x52)

Posted by KJ on 2/6/2013 to Cigars, beer, culture

Was shopping around on Cigars International when I stumbled across the Gurkha "Triple Ligero".  With my love for all things ligero and with how much happiness one can have with a double ligero cigar, I figured a triple ligero cigar should bring about 50% more happiness.  Considering that Gurkha tends to roll a pretty decent stick and with a triple dose of ligero leaves tucked in there for good measure, I got a box of them in.  I let them rest in the humidor for about 3 weeks to ensure even moisture content throughout the cigar since I was anticipating this being what I like to refer to as a "religious cigar", meaning that after smoking it you will see Buddha, Moses, Confucious, and lots of other people you wouldn't recognize.

     First impressions........lit really easily and even, developing a very crisp burn line all the way around within the first few puffs.  The initial inch of the stick was smooth but slightly ashy in flavor, but the cigar was letting me know that the stage fright was almost over and there was a helluva show coming soon.  By mid-session the flavor was full and complex, hints of earthiness let you know this cigar has that distinct note unique to Honduran tobacco.  The Brazilian maduro wrapper has a moderate amount of oil but isn't greasy to the touch, a very unique wrapper which adds a subtle spicy note to each draw.  Towards the end of the session, the flavor gets a bit overpowering and slightly tart, but fortunately this occurs right about the time your fingers are getting singed.  Pretty consistent flavor and draw through 3/4 of the session, and the punch of the ligero leaves is mild yet appreciable.  It left me with a calm stomach, feeling like the room may be trying to move but not succeeding, and with a slightly lopsided grin on my face.  Not the brute tour de force I was expecting, but still a potent smoke.  Total session time runs right about 40-45 minutes.  Definitely will be keeping a few of these in the humidor for the foreseeable future.

Pricing: (10/10) The per stick cost on these beauties was right at $4/ea from Cigars International, which is a phenomenal price for a good ligero cigar.  Its a little too pricey to fall into "daily smoke" territory, but then again, smoking a strong ligero cigar like this is generally reserved as an occasional treat.

Flavor: (8.5/10)  This is a strong full-flavored cigar, but the tones inherent in Honduran ligero can be a bit overpowering in large quantities.  Generally for ligero-heavy cigars, I prefer the smoother Nicaraguan or Dominican fillers.  All in all though, the flavor was pretty smooth from beginning to end, just a little too feisty towards the end.

Construction: (8/10)  The cigar is well-rolled and has a very straight profile, however, the maduro wrapper is a little more veiny than I'd expect from Gurkha and the filler seemed to make for a slightly uneven burn just outside the core which made ashing a little inconsistent at times.

"Wheelchair Weed" factor: (8/10)  This stick was potent, but overall it was surprisingly tame.  Definitely packs a punch, but it was pretty mild compared to something like an LFD Double Ligero of similar ring size and length.  It reminded me a lot of the Oliva Cain, strong but not a hard-hitter.  Definitely wouldn't want to smoke two of them back-to-back, but was expecting a little more of a dumb grin on my face than I got.  My stomach was a little unhappy, but I hadn't eaten much so that was to be expected.  Had another one the following day with a full stomach and felt great.


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