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Mark Kessler, the latest Judas of the gun community

Posted by Joey on 12/3/2014 to Politics and news

Well, looks like the "ostracized" ex-police chief of Gilberton Police Department in Pennsylvania who made waves with his off-the-wall "patriotic" pro-2A YouTube videos such as this one:

.....was voluntarily working for the federal government as an informant.  This guy basically took this publicity, funneled it into creating a quasi-militia, and used those contacts to investigate folks in the "patriot" community and those of us in the gun industry/community on behalf of his handlers in DC.  This treasonous piece of human fecal matter even contacted us here at KA and was "wanting to come to AZ and do some shooting" and kept asking about NFA weapons.  He lacked the usual "cop demeanor" which made it very obvious he was putting on a front and how he kept "pushing" the conversation made me very uneasy.  I couldn't distance us from this guy quick enough, especially after he gravitationally accumulated a pretty rambunctious "militia" following.  This backstabbing assclown was pretty blatantly working as an informant at best, and an agent provocateur at worse and the neckbearded dolts in the gun community lined up to hang themselves by supporting this JBT asshole. 

     Simple rule of thumb folks, if someone is asking you about "explosives", "militias", or "illegal machineguns", there is a 95% chance its a federal snitch.  The feds don't hire the brightest and best, they hire halfwit dickheads like Kessler to play the magical pan-pipe of seditious behavior knowing full well that "useful idiots" in the gun community will follow like rats into the sea.

I guess we can add Kessler to the growing number of traitors being used by the thugs in DC to bore through the pro-freedom community like termites.  Go to hell Kessler, and take your masters in DC with you.

For the report from Ben Swann (one of the few true journalist left in the biz), read it here:

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