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KA-1800 series muzzlebrakes for centerfire rifles

Part Number KA-1800 series muzzlebrakes
KA-1800 series muzzlebrakes for centerfire rifles
King Armory KA-1830 muzzlebrake on Remington 30.06 rifle
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This unit is the ultimate in recoil reduction. Precision machined from your choice of high-strength 416/P70 stainless or 4340 chrome-moly alloy, this brake tames even the nastiest of the magnum cartridges. Custom fitted to your barrel, the KA-1800 series of muzzlebrakes require no crush washer for indexing and utilizes our 'double bearing' design to allow precise fit and tighter tolerances. This means a much more efficient brake than competing designs. Its light weight also means less effect on barrel harmonics than larger, heavier muzzlebrakes for more consistent accuracy with a wider variety of ammunition types. The overlapping port design eliminates the 'whistle' normally associated with muzzlebrakes, making shooting with the KA-1800 muzzlebrakes much more pleasant. With its perpendicular baffle design, it allows excellent recoil reduction without directing blast toward the shooter. This brake requires precise machining of the barrel in order to be installed properly and is only provided through King Armory or at KA authorized service centers. Hard brass or stainless steel thread protectors also available.
  • KA-1822 for .22 caliber centerfire rifles (.22-250, .223 Rem, etc)
  • KA-1825 for .24-.25 caliber centerfire rifles (.243, 6mm, 25-06, etc)
  • KA-1828 for 7mm/.270 caliber centerfire rifles (7mm Mag, .270, .264 Mag, etc)
  • KA-1830 for .30 caliber centerfire rifles (.308, .30-06, 300WM, etc)
  • KA-1833 for .338 caliber centerfire rifles (.338 Federal, .338WM, etc)
  • KA-1835 for .358 caliber centerfire rifles (.358 Win, .357 Mag, .35 Whelen, etc)
  • KA-1838 for .375 caliber centerfire rifles (.375 H&H, .375 Weatherby, etc)
  • KA-1841 for .41 caliber centerfire rifles (.416 Rigby, .416 Weatherby, etc)
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