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King Armory KA-1212BR breacher for CGPD

Posted by KJ on 4/4/2014 to Gunsmithing

After 6+ years of being in Casa Grande, we finally got noticed by the local PD....not because this is a town of only 50,000 people....not because we've contacted them several times over the years....because they got to see the KA-1212BR in use at a training class with Chandler SWAT.  When they asked where they got the part, the irony was just too much.

We set up their Remington 870 breaching shotgun with a KA-1212BR so that the overall length was 14".  This sort of installation looks really sharp and handles like a dream but it involves a bit of additional machining work to make it happen.  The Rem870 has a barrel lug at 11-3/4" down the barrel, so in order to get the KA-1212BR installed so that the barrel is 14" afterwards requires milling a notch in the mounting collar to fit around the lug.  Then there is the issue of the KA-1212 and magazine cap/extension interfering with each other since they're trying to occupy the same space around the lug.  This requires milling a 1-1/4" radius into the bottom of the KA-1212 to clear the cap/extension.  Nothing too difficult, just more work than a basic install on a Mossberg 500 or an 18" Rem870 install.

This barrel also had a rifle sights on it which had to be desoldered and repositioned, this is a pretty easy job once you have your centerlines marked on the barrel.

The barrel was sandblasted, parkerized at Molykoted at AZEX

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