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"Election 2012" (or "why we're gonna get pooched again")

Posted by KJ on 9/30/2012 to Politics and news

It seems that we are heading for yet another trainwreck of an election this year.  In its infinite stupidity, the GOP is offering up a wide array of RINO's, has-beens, and nutjobs when they really should have been looking for someone a bit more "Reaganesque".  The current administration has put this country on the fast-track to hell and we need someone with the testicular fortitude to say "enough of this crap" and make the responsible budget decisions (like cutting gov't spending in half) before this country ends up bankrupt.

     The core problem is that politicians don't have their constituents well-being or viability of the country in mind.  They just hope that the country doesn't crash on their watch, sort of like a big game of "musical chairs" except we'll all be broke when the music stops.  We need someone to get in the White House and start investigating (and prosecuting) the corruption done by the current administration, instead of giving them a "free pass" like every prior successor has.  The corruption has boiled to the surface and we keep letting these idiots raise the debt limit so they can funnel more money into scams like Solyndra.  Enough is enough, vote for the optimal candidate, not the one chosen for you by the babboons in the GOP decision-making committees.  A political party is nothing more than a union for politicians, its time to look past the distraction of party shenanigans and demand real change in this country.  If Reagan was alive today I think he'd be sorely disappointed that we went from fighting Communists to electing them in just a few short years.

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