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"Bad Idea" AOW builds

Posted by KJ on 4/4/2014 to Gunsmithing

We're doing some more "Bad Idea" AOW builds for KISS Tactical over the next couple weeks.  This started off as a one-off "hey can y'all make this crazy thing for me" and now customers are wanting them as well.  You'd think that a pocket 12ga would scare away all but the hardest of the recoil junkies but this package is actually quite manageable (even my 95lb SIL shot it without a problem).  This is the prototype version:

There is a ton of work involved in making this sort of AOW build happen.  The first step was to cut down the barrel to 6.5" and re-contour it to taper down a little before the breaching attachment connects.  The last 3/4" of the barrel is then turned down to .875" so that a KA-1212BR can be installed.  After soldering the breaching attachment in place the barrel assembly was lapped to smooth out the connection to the barrel and then sandblasted.  Here is the partially finished barrel assembly:

With the KA-1212BR installed the finished barrel is a super-short 8-1/2" long.  Next step is to shorten the factory magazine tube to fit this shorter barrel.  The tube was measured, shortened, and the end cap silver-soldered in place.  Here is the finished magazine tube:

Now the barrel lug must be resized to fit the larger diameter of the KA-1212BR breaching attachment. The lug is welded to the bottom bridge on the KA-1212BR so that the magazine tube can be as long as possible. Two forends were desoldered, modified, and assembled into a single custom forend. Here is a pic of the almost finished shotgun.

On the new builds we're going to machine a custom forend sleeve and make the forend from a single action slide tube rather than using two to make one.  The forward ring was milled to not block the two lower rear ports on the KA-1212BR breaching attachment. 

A custom plate was machined and TIG welded to the forend assembly so that a rail for mounting the Magpul "stubby" VFG could be installed.  On the new builds we'll be using a length of custom Picatinny rail that will allow a light or laser to be installed in front of the VFG.  This rail will replace the plate entirely and clean up the look of the AOW. 

This setup was fabricated specifically to keep hands away from the blast area around the KA-1212BR.  The clearance between the rail and the magtube allows the grip to clear the receiver when cycling, this allows the full stroke of the action to be kept on this short setup while keeping hands safely away from the muzzle. 

A Delrin "shoe" was machined and installed just aft of the action slide tube to allow the gun to be cycled smoothly without binding, unlike some of the other shorty builds out there that are kinda "clunky" when cycled.  Yet another case of King Armory going that extra step to make a top-quality product instead of sacrificing refinements to save a couple bucks.

A shortened Wolff magazine spring and an S&J Hardware delrin follower (SJ-RM01D) was installed.

The entire gun was then sandblasted and parkerized by AZEX, and coated in matte black Duracoat by King Armory.  The required NFA engraving is done on the LH side of the receiver.  Here is a few pics of the finished prototype:

Here's a video from KISS Tactical shooting the "Bad Idea"

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