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Recent moves by the BATF to ban the importation of 5.45x39 7N6 ammo

Posted by KJ on 4/4/2014 to Politics and news

     In the end of March the BATF rather quietly moved to arbitrarily ban the importation of 5.45x39 "7N6" ammunition because it has a steel core in it (which they consider "armor piercing") and can be fired in a semi-automatic "handgun".  Last time I checked there isn't a semi-automatic "handgun" that fires rifle cartridges simply because the cartridges are too damn long and powerful to fit in a handgun.....but wait, lets look at what the geniuses at the Bureau of Asshats, Tards, and Fucknuts classify as a "handgun" when determining which "armor piercing" ammo is allowed to be imported/manufactured and which is OK because it is for "rifles only".

Is it a little handgun like women keep in their purses?

Nope, its something bigger and more powerful than that.  Perhaps a service handgun such as a Glock 21 like the police might use?

Nope, its something bigger and more powerful than that.  Perhaps some Hollywood-esque hand cannon like Schwarzenegger would be blasting bad guys with?  A Desert Eagle perhaps?

Nope, its something yet even bigger than that......


     But wait, those are just AK and AR rifles with the barrel chopped and the stock removed right?  Yes, but not according to the jackasses at BATF.  According to the Fed-tards these are "handguns" and because of the "Firearms Owners Protection Act" of 1986 any "armor piercing" ammunition that can be fired from one of these chopped rifles can be banned from importation/sale in the US.  This is the same "protection" act that banned the sale of any new full-automatic firearms to civilians.  Perhaps calling it the "BOHICA Act" would have been a little more accurate.
     The media hype about supposed "cop killer" pistol bullets that would "cut right through body armor" helped get the softheaded morons in DC to pass this worthless bill.  This law in itself apparently lacked the necessary amount of stupidity for the dolts at the BATF who conveniently aren't aware that any of these cut-down rifles that they label as "handguns" can easily shoot through body armor with even regular off-the-shelf ball ammo.  Why?  Because they're RIFLES firing RIFLE cartridges at RIFLE velocities.

     Why is it that we're still dealing with this lunacy after almost 30 years?  Why is it that reasonable people would consider a cut down rifle to be a "handgun"?  Taking the stock off of a rifle makes it no more a handgun than taking the clothes off Michelle Obama makes her less of a foul, disgusting she-male pig.  Basically, pretty much any rifle in any caliber can have the buttstock removed, does that magically make it a handgun?  Does it make this firearm readily concealable?  Does it magically make it fit in a holster?  Does it make it able to be fired with one hand like any other handgun can?  The answer is a resounding "NO!".  Yet the baboons at the BATF continue to use this skewed criteria as justification for actual "law enforcement" purposes.

     Folks, its time to repeal the FOPA, its time to reorganize/disband the BATF so they either have some sort of accountability (so that incidents like Waco and scandals like 'Fast&Furious' don't go unpunished) or don't exist at all.  They are nothing more than the unleashed dog of the gov't used to ARBITRARILY decide how to enforce laws that are infringing on a right that is CONSTITUTIONALLY MANDATED to not be infringed.

     Perhaps we should use the same criteria when paying taxes.  "Although you might think this is my 'adjusted net income', I'm going to calculate my taxes in dollars and pay in pesos."  How well do you think that sort of intentional deception would go over if the shoe was on the other foot?

     We hold the patent on an AR15/STANAG magazine that feeds 5.45x39 ammunition reliably and legislation like this stands to pull the rug out from under us.  When the gov't uses entities that are above the law to enforce THEFT against law-abiding citizens engaged in free commerce, what is the legal recourse?  Answer: there is no legal recourse.  At what point do you "hoist the black flag and start slitting throats"?  That time is drawing nigh and its happening because anti-gun/anti-freedom assholes like Barack Obama find freedom and free-market capitalism to be a violation of their beliefs.  They would rather nibble away at our freedoms and keep raising taxes until we wake up one morning with no choice except to either adopt socialism or revolt.

     We still have some legal channels open folks, demand action from your representatives, contact your Congress-critters and tell them to do something.  Best case, it will result in things getting done.  Worst case, it will assuage your conscience when things go down the toilet anyways.  I've spent the last two days on the phones trying to get unconcerned representatives to mobilize and do something about these progressive attacks on our freedoms.  Join the fight and demand action as well.  Otherwise we'll look back at FOPA '86 as being a small issue like GCA '68 or NFA '34 was.  The march of anti-gun perpetrators doesn't end unless you throw a bar in the spokes.  Call your Congress members and demand that this latest attack on affordable shooting be stopped.  Its time to reverse the tide of gun control and let freedom ring so loudly that socialists flee this country in droves.  Let freedom ring so loudly that deliberate travesties like "Fast & Furious" or Benghazi find politicians sitting on death row for their sins.  Make your voice heard while we still have the ability to exercise our 1st Amendment rights, because when those fail we have lost our ability to peaceably air our grievances and change things in this country without bloodshed.

UPDATE!!!  King Armory Mfg is actively joining the fight against this importation ban.  We are meeting with members of Congress and other fellow patriots who are not going to stand by while the pricks at the BATF make another "arbitrary" decision to hurt 2A supporters.  If you would like to help this fight or if you know someone who would, contact us at

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jorge leon Date 2/28/2015
I do not support the BATF in banning anything else. they need to be disbanded, defunded.
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