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Shotgun brakes/breachers
• Breaching attachments 12ga
• Brake/suppressors 12ga
Rifle brakes/suppressors
• .223 caliber and 5.45mm
• .30 caliber and 7.62mm
• .338 caliber
• Big bores (.45-.50 caliber)
KA licensed products
KA Swag
S&J Hardware Products
• Shotgun magazine followers
• Shotgun oversize safeties
• Shotgun stock adapters/misc
• Shotgun scope rails
Hardware & gun care
Parts for LSI Escort MP-A
Parts for Saiga-12
KA Loaner Tools
KA-SG02 US-made barrel for Saiga-12
M22x0.75 chaser tap for Saiga-12 and similar

News & Updates

KA-LE01 and KA-LE02 production underway, preorders being taken.

We're finally catching up and are doing a production run of our KA-LE01 +2 magazine extensions and the new KA-LE02 oversized charging handle for the popular Legacy MP-A 12ga shotgun. With the delay for this production run we've had a lot of additional demand for these parts so we are going to make these available for preorder so we can adjust the size of our production run as needed to make sure we cover all the people on the waiting list. We also will have SJ-RM01D followers and Wolff 6-7 shot XP magazine springs coming as well. Use coupon code MPA15 for free shipping on preorders (US customers only)

KA-0450 muzzlebrakes on sale for $99.99 thru Christmas. We won't be producing any more of these for awhile so get them while you can!!!

Still getting caught up around here, please be patient. We are discontinuing our gunsmithing services until further notice, not enough time at the moment to handle that along with sales and engineering work. Sorry for the inconvenience, just trying to get things running more efficiently around here.

Featured Products
KA-0450 muzzlebrake for Alexander Arms .50 Beowulf
KA-0450 muzzlebrake for Alexander Arms .50 Beowulf
Average Rating 6 Review(s)
Your Price: $129.99
On sale: $99.99 On Sale
A2 crush washer
A2 crush washer
Your Price: $2.79
Blue Wonder Gun Cleaner
Blue Wonder Gun Cleaner
Your Price: $8.99
S&J Hardware SJ-IT01 scope rail for Ithaca
S&J Hardware SJ-IT01 scope rail for Ithaca
Your Price: $34.99
On sale: $32.99 On Sale
KA-0430 muzzlebrake for .30 magnums
KA-0430 muzzlebrake for .30 magnums
Your Price: $139.99
KA-1230D brake/suppressor for M91/30 rifle with .585" muzzle
KA-1230D brake/suppressor for M91/30 rifle with .585" muzzle
Your Price: $59.99

King Armory produces a lot of niche/specialized products which are done in relatively small production runs, if the item you want isn't available at the moment, click the "Add me to waiting list" button. This lets us determine changes in demand and schedule production runs accordingly. We will also send you an email when the parts are nearing completion and we've unlocked the backorder option on that item.