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Shotgun brakes/breachers
• Breaching attachments 12ga
• Brake/suppressors 12ga
Rifle brakes/suppressors
• .223 caliber and 5.45mm
• .30 caliber and 7.62mm
• .338 caliber
• Big bores (.45-.50 caliber)
KA licensed products
KA Swag
S&J Hardware Products
• Shotgun magazine followers
• Shotgun oversize safeties
• Shotgun stock adapters/misc
• Shotgun scope rails
Hardware & gun care
Parts for LSI Escort MP-A
Parts for Saiga-12
KA Loaner Tools

News & Updates

After much headache of dealing with credit card servers over the years we've opted to go back to check/MO only for orders.  Between rising service fees and credit card fraud (latest crook tried to take us for almost $24000), we are going back to the "old school" methods so we have one less problem to deal with around here.

KA-LE01 extensions are FINALLY here and shipping.  Took just short of forever to get them anodized but between the tumbling and anodizing changes we made on this run, they have that matte finish that everyone was requesting.

KA-LE02 charging handles are almost ready.  We had the handles machined from nylon and were not happy with the finish so we're machining new handles from Delrin which will have a nicer finish

Featured Products
KA-1212B brake/suppressor for .860
KA-1212B brake/suppressor for .860" diameter barrel (Mossberg 500, Maverick, others)
Your Price: $82.99
KA-1212BRA brake/breacher for .830
KA-1212BRA brake/breacher for .830" diameter bbl (Benelli, LSI Escort, others)
Your Price: $85.99
KA-1230B brake/suppressor for AK47 rifle with .555
KA-1230B brake/suppressor for AK47 rifle with .555" muzzle
Your Price: $59.99
KA-1222SS brake/suppressor for AR-15/M-16/M-249
KA-1222SS brake/suppressor for AR-15/M-16/M-249
Your Price: $74.99
SJ-RM01A machined Delrin 12ga follower  (GREEN)
SJ-RM01A machined Delrin 12ga follower (GREEN)
Your Price: $11.99
SJ-RM01D machined Delrin 12ga follower (green w/nub)
SJ-RM01D machined Delrin 12ga follower (green w/nub)
Average Rating 1 Review(s)
Your Price: $11.99

King Armory produces a lot of niche/specialized products which are done in relatively small production runs, if the item you want isn't available at the moment, click the "Add me to waiting list" button. This lets us determine changes in demand and schedule production runs accordingly. We will also send you an email when the parts are nearing completion and we've unlocked the backorder option on that item.